Why WAR?

3rd day, Warhammer Online still not out yet. Where O where is my beta invitation? And will play.com ever send out those codes? Time to scan forums again for snippets of news…

Oh wait, are we live?

Hey all. I was thinking (inbetween skimming web pages and watching my email) about why I’m most looking forwards to this game. I like MMORPGs and I’ve played a few: DaoC, WoW, LOTRO in varying amounts, and I’m played through enough with the ones I play right now to be ready for a new world to explore, new friends to gank^D^D^D^Draid with, and a new game to figure out. So the time is right.

Also, even me who doesn’t know much about WAR lore knows that warhammer means spiky chaos orcs, dwarves with mohicans, and skaven! Oh wait, those last two aren’t in … never mind, moving on.

Like a lot of old DaoC players, I remember the RvR game fondly. I want to see what Mythic are going to do here, and this game sounds fun (hurrah for PR!). Even if that’s all fluff, I’m sold enough to have preordered just to check it out.

Plus I have friends who are gagging to be let loose on it. There’s something about the prospect of a shiny new game with that shiny new game smell about it …

I’ll be blogging about what we do in game, and hopefully in beta. I’m going to start by reading up more about WAR lore and checking out some of the novels. There are years and years of it, so it should keep me a bit busy until I can go gank some elves. I’m an equal opportunity elf-hater, so not decided yet between order or chaos. But there will be elves to kill anyhow!

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