Picking a class

There are people who will always want to pick the least popular combination of race/class. I find this hard to judge in WAR, but it will become pretty apparent during open beta and then in the first couple of weeks of release. The reason for picking these classes is to make your own path and your own decisions about how to play your character with less input from others. Also the rarity factor helps with getting a group/raid if your class has some special aspect to it that’s needed (which I think most of the WAR ones do, if not all).

Then, there’s people like me who continue to play the template they’re happiest with and only then have to choose between 3 or 6 races, depending on how tied to Chaos or Order you are. There’s a safety net here because you know the basic roles already and have had some practice with them. Plus, if you enjoyed tanking in one game, you’ll probaby enjoy it in another.

And so onto people who felt something was missing from their previous experiences and want to try something new. Sick of always being the tank and never doing awesome dps? Then the choice is clear. Want to show the healers how to heal on time? Again, this is your chance to really find out if it’s as difficult as they say! Sick of healing and being whined at? Try something new – we all do, from time to time (although everytime I do, I find myself lured back to a melee hybrid and healing again).

There’s another category too. Those who’ve never played an MMO and just pick the class they think sounds the best or the most fun. Or those who do that anyway because they’re coming from a very different game or that’s just how they pick classes. There’s some hidden dangers here. I know people who did this in LotRO and ended up with a dps class when they really thought they were picking more of a support class and ended up a little disappointed and bitter. So here’s a quick breakdown:

Tanks: You don’t do as much damage as the dps classes (close-range or ranged), your job is to pull targets, keep them occupied while the rest of the group annihilates any adds and keeps you alive. It’s sometimes a thankless job, because people don’t always appreciate the skill it can take and all they really want is the target not to hit them! You often get to call for heals and get whined at for it from the healers. It’s a really important role though and one that grows as you level and do more grouped content.

DPS: Whether ranged or not, you have the same role. Damage, damage, damage. Often at the risk of not having more ‘support’ skills, because your version of support is to do as much damage as possible and get things down quickly. I haven’t separated out ranged dps from melee dps because the roles are often the same.

Healer: As it says on the tin really, your job is to keep the rabble alive. It’s a surprisingly thankless task and can be quite stressful if you listen to all the yells about healing and how poor it always is. Get a thick hide, know you’ve always done your best and get stuck in.

Now, with WAR each template is done differently by race. So even if you decide to be a healer, you have a choice of three quite different classes (Archmage, Warrior Priest, Rune Priest) and each person has to decide between the races and the different options. Luckily Mythic have made the three quite separate, but that also means more choices.

Can’t wait to explore my options!


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