WAR in Paris

Erebus from Freddyshouse mans up with a 8 page report (with pictures) about GOAs Warhammer Event in Paris

Most of this is information that you could get from Mythic’s Warhammer website, and Erebus was evidently impressed by the free lunch. I’d be impressed by free food too — GOA take note!

The Q&A on page 9 is a bit more informative, and that question about promoting the game in Europe is a pointed one. Because GOA did a pretty bad job with promoting DaoC here. It was difficult to find the game on shelves and even among gamers it wasn’t widely known.

Also his impression that it was the healer classes who were most different to anything from existing MMORPGs.


One Response

  1. I’m always impressed by a free lunch even more impressed if there is free beer as well *fondly remembers first day of connect 08*

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