blast from the past

So today I had an email from a name I hadn’t seen in a long long time*. Not a friend, precisely but an old guild from DaoC. It was a friendly circular from the GM to say hi and note that the guild was planning to play AoC and WAR and an invitation to go say hi on their bulletin board and rejoin if I wanted.

Now I did recognise the guild name, Prydwen was a small euro server with a tightknit community so I knew most of the guilds. I didn’t actually remember ever being a member of that guild but my husband reminded me that I’d joined a few months before we quit. So I hopped over to their boards. After 5 mins of abortive attempts, I remembered my login name and password (it’s really bad BAD security practice to use the same login password for bboards, don’t do it kids!), then I had to try to remember what my characters were called back then ….

I just wished them luck and said we maybe could keep in touch if we all ended up on the same server. It is strange to be contacted like that though. I usually join new guilds in new games, and never think much about what happened to the old ones. But you can bet that loads of old guilds like mine are contacting old members about the new games coming up this year. Oh yeah, people are getting ready for WAR.

* 4 years to be precise. I know this because when I checked out their bboard it gave the date of last login as 2004.


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