War is everywhere!

For my first stab at getting to grips with a new setting I picked the official WAR site (European) as my starting point and went to their stories and legends section* (under ‘the Universe’). Read through it on a prolonged tea break at work, and managed to get through it easily in the 15 mins I had.

Am I now an expert? Nope! Definitely not, though some of the names and cities are a little more familiar and I definitely have a sense of the RvR and what’s at stake for each side. So in that way I think it worked. Also, I think it’s inspired me to dig a little deeper, though I have no idea what my next step will be – might wait to hear what Spinks thinks of some of the books 🙂

*NB: the lore is the same as on the US official site, where I found it was signposted a little better, under a ‘Background’ link

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