London Games Festival 2008

October sees the return of the London Games Festival and I’d hazard a guess that WAR will make an appearance there. Last year over 100,000 visitors took part in a series of events around the capital aimed at casual and more hard-core gamers, as well as concerned parents.

The Festival is due to start on October 25th and I’ll definitely be trying to get as much info about it as I can so I can plan a trip down to see it.

Added by Spinks:

Another place to catch a look at Warhammer Online in the UK is going to be Games Day 2008 in September at the Birmingham NEC. Games Day is the huge one-day Games Workshop convention, and Mythic have a link to it on the WAR site so it looks as though they’ll be there to show off the beta too!


5 Responses

  1. I wonder what the male to female ratio will be like at the Games Day event…

  2. Slightly skewed, I’d imagine 😉

  3. I’ll be there!

  4. Actually Spinks – shall we try and go to both?

  5. I’m up for it! Wonder if the GW guys would be willing to teach a couple of total noobs (who aren’t teenage boys) how to play their wargame at games day 🙂

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