Welcome Magnus!

The new English Community Manager for WAR in Europe has stopped by the Freddyshouse message boards to introduce himself, with the following message:


I’m happy to introduce myself as an English Community Manager for Warhammer Online in Europe. Most of you probably know IainC who’s done great things for this community. He will be continuing doing so, but with me at his side (no, not that way!).

Joining the Community Management team here at GOA has been exciting and a cause for celebration for me. I’m further thrilled to become an active member of this strong player community.

Together, we will surely go through periods of hardship as well as glorious moments of triumph. Just as real life. And just as in real life, it’s the willingness to share all of this which make a relationship or a community great.

So where do I come from? Well, I’m 27 years old, of Swedish roots. I’ve been a compulsive gamer since my early school years, but I’ve simultaneously pursued other ways of being intimate with this life.

Again, I very much look forward to the great times we have ahead, together. Feel free to ask me anything, and please never hesitate to contact me personally through PM’s. Once I get my CM e-mail sorted out, I’ll share this with you, too.

With love,

Similar messages have appeared on other forums within the community, and we’d like to extend our own welcome to Magnus – Good Luck with it!


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