White Lion confirmed

Garthlik on the Warhammer Alliance forums posted confirmation that the last High Elf class is the White Lion (as pretty much known throughout the community anyway).

The accompanying article at Gamespot was apparently posted and then taken down, it’s believed that it’ll go live once this month’s newsletter has been mailed out.

3 Responses

  1. From Warhammer Alliance forums: “I’m pretty sure 60% of female MMO players who have an eye on WAR will have tried this class at least once.”

    I guess we ARE that transparent ;p

  2. Haha.

    Yes, I’m that shallow too. I definitely want to try this, maybe not as a main though. And at least we have a few months to try to think of lion names that aren’t variants on simba (or other characters from the lion king), lion-o (or other thundercats), or named after our cats 😛

  3. I thought it was a given that I had to name my lion after my fave cat 🙂

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