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The Greenskin has posted a great overview of RvR if you’re not sure how it compares to PvP and PvE. Also the final list of dwarf vs greenskin questions have been selected, and they’re a great bunch, so we eagerly await a response to them.

A new fansite, Waaaghead has launched – looks good so far!

TenTonHammer has posted an amusing look at things not to do in the first week of launch.

More about the tabletop game than the MMORPG, I just couldn’t resist sharing the terrifying vision of Hello Kitty meeting Warhammer… if I have to sleep tonight after this, so do you all!

The guys and gals at Massively are off to talk to Mythic and are looking for suggestions to questions to ask

And on the EU Warhammer site some new beta journals and fan stories, including this dwarf-told tale, courtesy of Jamesburgess, of The Sacking of Karak Draz.

GOA have also provided us with a much needed Orcaniser which translates from english, german, french, spanish, and italian into orcish. Much better plan for a pan european language than esperanto ever was!

/slashrandom and Tobold are both finding that the beta NDA is cramping their blogging style. I guess that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about here … yet (she says, with pathetically not-yet-given-up hope.)


3 Responses

  1. I love the Orcanizer

  2. I’m not too sure where you received the information that Esperanto is not suitable as a pan-European language? You might like to check

    Interestingly, also, eight British MP’s have nominated Esperanto for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008

  3. Bonvenon, Mr-Crusading-For-Esperanto! Glad you could drop by 🙂

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