Mark Jacobs talks about the bottom line

Interesting interview today with Mythic’s CEO on Venturebeat. As you can kind of guess from the name, this is a business site so he talks about the business model for MMOs and how Mythic has changed under Electronic Arts.

They talk about release dates also.

VB: So when are you going to war?
The announced date is this fall. One of the advantages of EA is we won’t release this game until it’s great. With Camelot, we ran out of money and so we released the game. It’s really important for EA to get the quality of our games out. We let the top EA executives into our game, even at the earliest stages. We have nothing to hide. We have almost 700,000 people signed up for our beta test. That’s ridiculous. I want a million. We have people inside now working 24/7 trying to break the game. To compete with Blizzard, we have to use our extra time to polish it.

We’d like to see more people in beta too! My email is in the records somewhere …

2 Responses

  1. If you like to see more peaople in Beta then invite me :p

    btw, nice blog spinks.

  2. hrrm, I think they should invite me 🙂

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