This is hardcore!

Massively is running a set of interviews/articles about WAR this week and I was caught by this quote from an interview with Senior Designer Dan Enright

Adding to that – where do you fall on the issue of ‘casual’ vs. more ‘hardcore’ gameplay? At first glance Warhammer seems to be a very ‘hardcore’ type of game.

It is. I personally consider it a pretty hardcore game, which is why I think it’s really important for us to have things like the public quests that can help reduce the barrier to entry, and help get people involved in the community, get people involved in the game and the game systems and everything. As much of that as we can do early on, it doesn’t have to be hardcore right off the bat, but obviously, completing a campaign and capturing a city is going to be very difficult. It’s for the dedicated, but the entire realm can participate, so even if you’ve just got a small core group of those hardcore, high-end players on the server, everyone on that realm is going to benefit from their activities – and be able to partake in the content, so all of those things are a pretty new approach to that problem.

I hadn’t thought of it as being especially hardcore (although I guess I am comparing to high end raiding and arena in WoW) from what I had heard. But I think they are going the right route with finding ways for hardcore and less hardcore to be able to work together on things without driving each other nuts. That has to be good for realm community.


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  1. It’s inevitable that any competitive activity will attract a hardcore crowd. As long as that group of dedicated, organised and time-rich players are unable to achieve too great a competitive advantage over the average player, then I won’t be too bothered. PvP isn’t fun when gear, rather than player skill, is the deciding factor, and to EA Mythic’s credit they seem to understand this.

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