Warhammer Online podcasts

While we may not be inflicting our girly British accents on the world just yet, there’s quite a few podcasts already out there dedicated to Warhammer Online.

The newest of these is ChaosCast which is hosted by Keen from Keen and Graev, Syp of Waaagh! and Snafzg from The Greenskin – all sites we check regularly, so can’t imagine this podcast won’t be a riot. It’s also available on iTunes for those, like me, who like a third-party bit of software to update their listening material 🙂

Other podcasts include: Warhammer Online: Podcast of Reckoning from Warhammer Geek and Warhamma – which was definitely one of the ways I learned a lot more about the game before I decided to throw myself into it hook, line and sinker.


One Response

  1. We were going to dedicate our first episode to Ted of Warhamma, who got the ball rolling for these Warhammer Online podcasts but it never made it in. He definitely blazed the trail and we hope he comes back soon!

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