Lots more from Massively

Massively have some more great articles up from the time they spent talking to Mythic about the crafting system, exploring the capital cities , and how to conquer a capital city

Updated to add even more links from Massively!

Everything you need to know about guilds, and some history about the early days of Mythic.

Plus some class focus: the dwarf engineer and the goblin shaman. And an overview of destruction careers (I’m guessing they will have an overview of order also and I’ll add the link when they post it)


2 Responses

  1. oh no, now I have anxiety over which craft to pick!!! (seriously)

  2. Makes sense to make sure that the group of people you play with cover all of the bases.

    It may turn out that you only need 1 Magical Salvager to break down the various magical items that the group comes across, but maybe 2 Cultivators due to the time it takes for things to grow. Butcherers and Scavengers seem like they would stack well also.

    I’m still hoping they’ll announce at least one more crafting profession before release, or at least specialisations within Apothecary and Talisman making.

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