notes on the goblin shaman

In their series of articles about Warhammer Online, Massively now starts to give us some information on classes in a bit more detail, concentrating on the goblin shaman and the dwarf engineer. We’ve taken a look at the Engineer info, so here’s a quick run-down on the Shaman for those of you who like Chaos!

  • Shaman is the DoT/healer for the Greenskins
  • Archmage is the mirror class for the Shaman
  • there are two flavours of Waaugh (Gork and Mork – one more cunning than fighty and the other reversed)

Ok, I have to break from bullets here… this mechanic is too cool. You get two stylised orc-y heads at the bottom of your screen, one for Gork and one for Mork. The more you use your Gork spells (DoTs, nukes, direct damage, etc) the more Mork offers incentives to use his spells (for he is green with envy – ha ha, green – Massively missed that joke ;p). Luckily, Mork’s spells are the healing ones and you can build up to four levels of bonus which can result in a variety of effects to increase your Mork spells. And vice versa. Which I’m guessing means that a Shaman left to heal a lot can unleash an almighty nuke if need be.

Go read the article for more shaman-y goodness. Sounds fun – to kill 🙂


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