Order vs Chaos

Just a quickie from the latest set of Massively articles on Warhammer Online. In a side-note, they mention that on release you can only play Order or Chaos on one server. I’d have been extremely disappointed if this wasn’t the case, so I guess it’s no surprise it’ll pan out this way. For beta you can apparently play both sides on the same server.. but I can only read about that in side-notes *sniff*.


5 Responses

  1. Warhammer is built around RvR and being able to take part on both sides in the same world feels wrong. It’s almost like fighting against your self.

    It’s also a good step towards the common problem of spies, just being able to reconnect to hear what your enemy is planing both short term and long term is not good.

    I personally like the idea of limit the sides per server, that way I know that spies have to pay extra for another account.

  2. hehe, or as some of us on Lotro earlier put it.. means I don’t have to look out for a bored Elak ;p

  3. I think it’s a great idea because it does mean you’ll be more committed to your realm. But as far as talking to each other, probably people will end up making IRC channels to hang out on anyway while they PvP — I know that’s what happened with DaoC.

  4. There will still be a few people around that go that extra mile to get an advantage, maybe by buying an extra account, but I expect the impact it will have on the overall war will be minimal. Even if you know where an enemy is going to attack you still have to be competent enough to repel them!

    Hopefully we won’t see the kind of clumsy witch hunts that have occurred on the creep side in LotRO, anyway.

  5. For all the negatives of dual-realm servers (cheating, turncoats, etc.), there is one positive: Population Balance. Based on several video interviews with Jeff Hickman, they plan on balancing the realms by placing hard caps on how many of each realm can be online at once. If one side happens to be dominating in users logged on, and you’re playing on that bigger side, you won’t be allowed to log in.

    The obvious bonus of dual realms in this situation is that you can log on your opposite realm character instead to make things more fair.

    Here’s hoping population balance won’t be an issue, because it will have made this decision a good one.

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