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In their series of articles about Warhammer Online, Massively now starts to give us some information on classes in a bit more detail, concentrating on the goblin shaman and the dwarf engineer (I know someone who co-writes this blog who will be mightily interested in the latter!). Since we’re much bigger fans of Order here, I’ll start with the Engineer and what struck me as interesting from the article.

First, backpacks instead of cloaks. Definitely a good idea. Something that many have adopted in LotRO with the cosmetic slots for back items, for some classes a backpack just works better and an Engineer is definitely one of these.

Second, turrets! Flaming turrets, gun turrets and landmines that stealth once placed. Come on, what’s not to love? It’s like having pets that don’t answer back or have pathing issues. They also get a barb-wire net which roots opponents for a few seconds, which adds some crowd control elements to their ranged dps. And best of all, a barrel of ale that has AE heal on it! Actually, come to think of it, this class is beginning to appeal even to me (and I’m terrible at playing both ranged AND dps classes, go figure!).

Ok, so the Engineer may not have the mobility of some of the other classes, since turrets etc have to be placed, but they allow quite a lot of tactics from both sides. As a skilful player, you have a chance to leap out of the way, and as a skilful Engineer you have every opportunity to turn the tide of a skirmish with your tricks.

The article then goes on to cover some of the mastery skills available to Engineers (such as the awesome sounding Snipe), it also glances briefly at the Engineer’s mirror class – the Magus who gets to summon demons instead of turrets (again, I would argue that turrets are more likely to do what you tell them!).

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  1. I’m really excited about trying out one of these guys now. Especially in keep defense. I like the idea of a ranged defensive class with lots of situational gadgets to make you really think about how you use the environment around you.

    Plus you get to brain people with a SPANNER. (Yes I am obsessed with using household objects as implements of urban destruction, more on that tomorrow.)

    I do think this is the class that will lure most people to the awesomeness that is dwarfs, and it will look so cute with the gyroharness.

    Also, my cat is old and sleeps a lot so I could post a picture of her being a stealthed landmine sometime 😛

  2. healing kegs of ale. say no more.

  3. These articles give a very nice idea of how the classes will actually play. Let’s hope they have similar spotlights lined up for the other 20 careers!

  4. Ack, there are 22 more careers of course.

  5. The thing to look at currently is the DPS Engineers SEEM to be about….which is the stationary DPS because as it looks currently, being immobile makes them better at damage where as moving around alot hinders them.

    I think once a lot of players realize this, the sheen of playing this class will waiver for other careers like the White Lion or Shadow Warrior.

    I have to agree though, kegs that heal ya…I need one of those in real life!

  6. Doesn’t ale already heal in RL? Darn, I might have to think of another excuse now..

  7. […] Book of Grudges chews on the new Engineer info. […]

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