Massively takes on public quests

Today sees another great article at Massively about public quests. And it sounds as though they aren’t done yet, with more articles in the pipeline about RvR and keep sieges! It’s almost too much to keep up with but fortunately they have an rss feed for their warhammer coverage (you can see we linked to it in the sidebar) to help with that.

Idris also has some RL experience in viral marketing so we’ve put her to work writing an article about Mythic’s marketing and information dissemination for tomorrow.

I’m tremendously excited about public quests.  The main question in my mind is whether they can be gamed. If rewards go to the people who contributed the most damage, surely that’s a bonus to AE classes? Wonder how that will work.


One Response

  1. Well, from reading that article, I understand it as saying that the loot is distributed by a damage/heal scale. From this, at the end of the PQ, comes the distribution and being on or near the top of that scale greatly increases your chance of getting the rewards..but doesn’t make it certain.
    Need a little more information on PQ’s and the loot distribution to be sure but it does sound like a great new way to get many people involved.

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