Why we love bar room brawls!

So one of the public quests in Altdorf is going to be a bar room brawl. This is great! After a hard day bashing chaos what every adventurer needs is an evening in town beating up on your allies to chill out. I reckon all the chaos players will grab an order alt to come and check out the bar brawl also, I know I would.

Anyway, we love bar room brawls and here are 5 reasons why:

1/ Everyone has a reason to be there! It’s a bar. There is alcohol. The adventurers can just drop by, in fact it’s the *only entertainment in town on a Saturday night anyway. Come for the booze, stay for the brawl! Who needs character motivation?

2/ Great way to make new friends and break their noses! Public quests are going to throw people together anyhow so why not do it where the alcohol is already laid on?

3/ Loads of great props to use. ‘Course, we don’t know if the public quest is going to let us hit each other over the head with bottles and barstools but wouldn’t it be great if it did?

4/ No need to make an appointment. Bar room brawls can break out at any time and for any reason. Especially when dwarfs are involved. My personal book of potential grudges includes (but is not limited to) : people who wear yellow ties with blue shirts, gold sellers, people who whine about being ganked on PvP servers, Man U supporters, international terrorists. If any of those turn up to the bar I am in, it’s game on!

5/ Mimics the only good scene from the latest Indiana Jones film. You know the one where Indy gets Mutt to start a fight for no reason? We’re so there!

6/ OK, not really a reason but bar room brawls are such a staple of D&D that it takes us right back to our tabletop RP roots.
DM: Your characters meet in a bar. *starts to ramble on with long description*
players: *interrupting* We start a brawl!

*apart from the theatre (did I mention the Altdorf theatre troupe? check out the Massively interview for more about that), and everyone knows that actors practically live in bars when they aren’t onstage anyhow


2 Responses

  1. My clearest memory of bar room brawls in D&D was reading a whole bunch of scenarios in White Dwarf for such brawls and deciding right there and then that we were going to add some more of them!

  2. I think it’s ironic that some of the best bar room brawl scenarios for D&D were published in White Dwarf back before it went warhammer-only. And now they are bringing them back in WAR.

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