Tentonhammer discuss crafting and the nerf bat with Mark Jacobs

It really is media blitz week at Mythic!

Tentonhammer have a 2-part interview with Mark Jacobs about crafting in warhammer, which as the man himself says is a subject close to his own heart. (Part 1, Part 2). From the comments it looks as though there may be a third part to come also.

Mark also comments on the nerf/buff cycle, with respect to why crafting is starting ‘small’:

Like many other MMO developers, we have been charged in Camelot with cycles of nerfing and fixing. We did not want to be in that position when we launch in the fall. We wanted to have fewer rather than more. If you have fewer things in that are great, you are better off than having more in that are not.
Once you start taking things away from players, and start telling them you can have all this cool stuff for the first couple of weeks? And yeah you had fun, but whoops here come the major balance nerfing changes? The players will be justifiably pissed off. You can avoid some of that pain by being a little more circumspect on what you chose to put in your game at launch.

It’s going to be interesting to see how that works out. Mudflation is a constant struggle for gear-based MUD-based MMORPGs … will Mythic be able to keep it in check?


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