CE models previewed

Garthlik over at Warhammer Alliance has posted pictures of the Grumlok and Gazbag miniatures that are part of the Warhammer Online Collector’s Edition.

I look at them and I think – who can paint that? (in the full knowledge that tons of people could.. just none of them are me)


6 Responses

  1. Games Workshop have a numpties guide to painting orcs and goblins (there’s a link there but it hasn’t marked it very well) to help out. I think we should use our own creative instincts to paint ours though when they arrive, then post the results.

  2. Are you kidding? You have artistic skillz, but mine would end up as big orange splodges 🙂

    I did meet someone at work last week who’d won second prize painting GW miniatures for the Northern region though.. no idea if she takes commissions.

    Maybe we’ll have a mini-contest though! (just so long as I don’t have to enter)

  3. Maybe you can buy someone a beer at Games Day in return for a quick paint job 🙂 (Man, that sounds so dirty, haha)

  4. painting is boring! unless it’s just one colour over a large area..

  5. Hrrm, must phone Games Workshop and ask about Games Day tickets. Remind me tomorrow?

  6. […] you wondering what to do about painting your collectors edition miniatures when they arrive? rpg.net has a thread on mini painting rookie style where the veterans share a few […]

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