PC Gamer June 2008: right to reply

Tim Edwards who wrote the review I commented on in this post has stopped by to reply and we’re very glad to have heard from him. First of all, he points out he has written a more in-depth preview of Warhammer Online. This review shows his standpoint on the game a little more fully, with comments such as:

We’ve yet to see a truly next-generation massively multiplayer game – a game that binds epic quests, amazing landscapes, deep and rich character development – and really funny hats – with the potential for huge battles between opposing factions.

Until now.

He goes on to talk about RvR, Mythic’s background and how players do get thrown into public quests right from the start of the game. He also deals with comparisons to WoW, showing that he does, in fact ‘get’ the game, and I’d like to apologise for assuming otherwise on the basis of a very short preview that mentioned problems with the starting zones. (Shows me to dig a little deeper next time, which is no bad thing, right?! Remember, we’re totally new to this). Go read the longer article, it’s definitely worth it.

Tim also mentions that Paul Barnett spoke to him about his criticisms of the game :

I met Paul Barnett a few weeks ago, and we talked a little about my criticisms. He mentioned that EA Mythic had taken them to heart, and were redoing a lot of the starting zones. At the cost of many late nights.

So maybe we’ll get some stronger initial impressions for the game and have Tim to thank for not being scared to share his honest opinions.


3 Responses

  1. Thinking more about this, I don’t really want to read reviews from people who blindly worship the manufacturers anyway. Or at least if they do, I want to know why.

  2. His previous article is indeed more beefy, it’s also from 6 months ago; who knows what version of the beta he experienced at that point. He needs to expand on his more recent article, even the positive comments he makes are vague and lack any real substance. I’m curious as to what Paul Barnett has to say, since Edwards is dropping his name.

  3. […] Book of Grudges got a response to this PC Gamer article from the writer himself — you can read it here. […]

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