More about White Lions

Mark Jacobs talks about the White Lion’s pets at Tentonhammer and discusses the appeal of a class where a single pet stays with it for the entire life of the character. All of the White Lion’s career paths rely on the elf working as a team with the pet.

He still manages to leave some questions unanswered for the grab bag due later this month. Some of my favourites from the questions posted so far are:

Can I have my lion as a mount? (someone has been watching too much Narnia. Or He-Man.)

Will a character have to share their xp with the pet?

Is the whole “You are my faithful pet and companion, I am also wearing your next of kin” a little strange?

Will the lion start as a cub/kitten? Can you breed from it?

Can the lion die of old age?

Can you dye your pet with blood? (well then it’d be a red lion, wouldn’t it?)

Can I brush the lion’s teeth? (I would pay good money for an animation where the lion bites your hand off if you try that!)


9 Responses

  1. Is this the first time anyone has done a melee DPS pet class?

    I suppose Captains in LotRO have pet heralds, but it would be a bit of a stretch to call them melee DPS..

  2. That’s a really good question. I was trying to think of one and the only class I know that was a bit like that was the minstrel from DaoC and that didn’t have a permanent pet (it was quite tricky to keep the pet and melee, and only the good players could do it consistently).

    I’m very intrigued at the idea of combo attacks that require the character to work along side the pet, rather than just using it as a tank or an extra dot on legs.

  3. I don’t think it even equates to any of the other realms in DAOC either.. so probably the minstrel is closest that I can think of, but.. there was never much point to a minstrel taking a pet compared with other stuff they could do so even that would be a stretch.

    Capts are close if they spec for dps – I have a feeling most of those unwise has met have specced more for support though, but I’ve seen some US capt stats and they do a hell of a lot more damage, but still it’s a bit of a stretch.

    I’m guessing this is some of the broad range appeal of the white lion. Everyone is a little fascinated by melee dps with a big angry pet!

  4. (hrrm, would it be naughty to speculate that the death knight will be getting an impromptu pet platypus?)

  5. It gets an army of ghouls I think 😛

  6. Wow – if you could only get a kitten pet…

  7. The first melee pet class was the EQ beastlord if I remember correctly….I loved my Iksar one and it is almost making me want to play this class.

  8. yay, thanks Brotik! I never played EQ (can you tell?)

  9. That’s cool…

    With how those beastlords worked in EQ though, I am wondering if the White Lion is goingto become the solitary class though. You end up having 2 DPs in a fight, and if there is any type of healing going on, then the class becomes a serious force to be reckoned with.

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