Sexing up the Hammerer

Poor old Hammerers, they’ve been taken back into development to be tuned up and made more exciting because earlier versions just weren’t striking the right chord. From the class survey, there are a few holdouts who are true to their tough dwarf monster-bashers but the profession isn’t really catching players’ imagination.

So what we have is a dwarf. With a hammer. It hits stuff. With the hammer.

Here are a few ideas on how Mythic could make Hammerers more interesting.

1. Let you name the hammer. Think of it like a pet rock. Just like a pet but without the annoying pathing glitches. And who could fail to know fear when the announcement goes out over a battlefield, “Gobbo1 was killed by Beardybloke wielding the mighty ComeAndHaveAGoIfYouThinkYoureHardEnough”

2. Hit the ground with the hammer and cause a minor earthquake. Or even better, actually leave dents in the terrain. There’s nothing like pointless random devastation to let a fighter know that he’s really left a mark.

3. Access to a special beer scooter that will transport the Hammerer and her mates from one city to another when they get drunk enough. Or in other words, for when they get really hammered!

4. Ability to swing the hammer at the knees of a taller enemy (which, lets face it, is everyone) and knock them down to the Hammerer’s own size.

5. The hammer of warning! Wave the hammer around the Hammerers head and let it go with a mighty yell alerting undiscovered tribes in the amazon basin to his battle prowess. Don’t forget to hammer in the morning and the evening too.

What would you like to see in a melee dps class?


5 Responses

  1. The Orc Reavers in LotRO have a really cool run boost (+100% for 7s, 30s cooldown) which is great for catching up with runners and getting into melee range quickly. It can only be triggered out-of-combat, so can’t usually be used to flee, but it does grant CC immunity for the duration.

    I’d like to see something like this for Hammerers, although with a few more restrictions to stop it being too effective. It is tremendous fun to be running around like a demented Energiser Bunny for short periods whacking things, and seems like it would fit in well with the Hammerer’s play-style.

  2. lets face it Hammerers are the best and I will be playing on regardless!

  3. I like to name *everything* I own. The hammer I’d call “Smashy”!

  4. oh no, I will never now lose the concept of a whack-a-mole Hammerer.

    Naming the hammer would totally rock and sadly would make it more appealing to me!

  5. If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the mooooooooorning..
    (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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