Of interest

Josh Drescher notes that you shouldn’t assume too much about the launch date from the fact that Mythic is hiring more CS.

We’ve seen lots of posts and videos of Game Day Baltimore. This is beowulfhuntrs video of a Marauder in action — he spends some time flicking through the Tome of Knowledge at the beginning, and it looks great.

Check out new WAR blog The White Tower of Hoeth (taking a wild guess that they are High Elf fans)

If you are (or have ever been) a tabletop gamer, you’ll know that 4th Edition D&D was released last week. And infamously, it has been heavily influenced by MMORPG design — so I guess games have come full circle. Tom Smith has a comprehensive article on Gamasutra discussing how D&D has evolved and how video game designers can (still) learn from it. And if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off tinkering with my Dragonborn Paladin…

Are you wondering what to do about painting your collectors edition miniatures when they arrive? rpg.net has a thread on mini painting rookie style where the veterans share a few hints and tips.

Someone gave the PC Gamer crew an advance copy of the Spore creature creator, so naturally they built a giant dick. (Now, if only it could do the washing up ….)

Interesting insight into powerlevelling from the folks at Kotaku (with disclaimer that powerlevelling isn’t recommended, and is against the EULA!). Examines why someone wanted to do it, their experiences and why, in the end, they didn’t end up playing the character for long.

TenTonHammer have posted a visual history of the orcs, which shows development through screenshots.

Want to be a games writer? Read through this amusing job advert over at Games Radar, it touches on many of the things we’ve been discussing lately about reviewers and games communities. And it’s for a genuine job, just amusingly written!

And lastly, Gamus of Clan Steinhammer has written a totally awesome Ode to Dwarven Women (and other poems, but this one struck a chord!)


2 Responses

  1. I love that poem!

    “Shes not fer missin’ out
    On a good fight
    If she missed ya with the left
    Look out fer ‘er right”

  2. Lots of good info here. Keep up the good work!

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