Snippets from DreamHack/Games Day

In case you’ve been living in a bush, Dreamhack was the huge Swedish lanparty/event that has been going on for the last few days. Paul Barnett and the GOA team went there to enjoy the fun and show off the Warhammer Online beta.

Mythic have put up links to a couple of videos taken at the event, complete with Swedish commentary (they’re probably talking about football.)

Kieron Gillan at Rock, Paper, Shotgun chatted to Paul about his experience of the giant LAN party.

And one of the members of Widespread Panic guild/proto-guild made a quick video and a podcast (podcast is on the bottom right of the page) of his experiences of Games Day Baltimore. Very innovative way of recruiting for their guild by getting people over to the site, good luck with that guys!


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  1. Are we going to vid Games Day? My camera can manage an hour’s footage I think but we may have other options to consider 🙂 Might be able to get access to a vid cam, but my editing skillz are weak (almost as bad as my gfx ones)

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