Things we read this week…

MMORPG have posted an interesting find-a-guild tool

Orlock and Svoald of MMOGeek have released the latest episode of the Podcast of Reckoning

Amidst news from Games Day Baltimore that Mythic are considering queuing/capping mechanisms for controlling realm balance, Werit checks out the balances they used in DaoC.

The Order of Destruction interviews a Witch Elf and Werit interviews a greenskin (or is that THE Greenskin?)

Malavar has a very insightful article in response to my thoughts on reaching out to non-PvPers called Building a Customer Bridge.

You may have heard about Limbo of the Lost, a single-player RPG that was pulled when it was found to have ripped off the graphics from lots of other games. Now Wields-Rulebook-Heavily plays through it on, with lots of screenshots. And if you thought the screenshots were bad, wait till you see the dialogue and puzzles!

Syncaine at Hardcore Casual wonders who crafting is designed for in MMORPGs.

Apparently EA is unconcerned by the Spore dick monsters but doesn’t like the boob beasts. Could they have asked for better marketing?

Back to Warhammer.. Champions of Stuff reads through the latest News from the Front and discovers a reference to guild beta!

Syp, as always, posts an inhumanly (ungobliny?) good roundup of the week’s news, blog posts, podcasts, at Waaagh. He also claims that he’s not a fanboy … well, not really

Speculation abounds on possible release dates in the aftermath of Games Day Baltimore, Brotik over at The Cogworks thinks of a more lateral way to look at things.

Keen and Graev have posted a video of Warhammer Online on X-Play.

Join us in welcoming Bloghammer into the Warhammer blogsphere, from the person who brought us World of Blogcraft

And lastly, Rick at /random has some words of advice for new bloggers, based on his own experiences.


2 Responses

  1. “Spore dick monsters” – lol

  2. Ah ha! I couldn’t figure out who arbitrary was in the comments on my blog. It came right after a post from Keen, so I thought it might be Graev (since corrected by Keen) since you kept saying “We”. The mystery is solved!

    Thanks for linking over to my site. I can’t believe you worried about having enough to say! I’m in awe of the amount of information you post, there’s always a lot to catch up with in Google Reader for your blog. I like your blog theme too 🙂

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