Collector’s Edition Quests and Titles

On the Euro site, there is a very comprehensive page all about the Collector’s Edition (CE). If you scroll down to the section on quests, rewards, and titles, they link to a full list of the quests and the rewards (NB. Just because it’s listed here doesn’t mean it can’t change before the game goes live).

The titles are good fun, and a different one is offered for each quest; “Brewmaster” for Dwarfs and “da Scrapper” for Greenskins should be popular. The quests comprise one PvE and one PvP quest for each race, but the racial quests are open to anyone of that realm — so your drunken master White Lion could be a Brewmaster too. It looks as though there will be lots and lots of different titles in the game, similar to CoH and LOTRO. I think we’d guessed that anyhow from hints about the Tome of Knowledge but it’s fun to see some examples.

I’m impressed with the CE. I think they’ve put together a great package for collectors without doing anything to unbalance PvP or make things unfair for non-CE players. And interestingly, at the bottom of the GOA page, they’ve listed which retailers have sold out already. I wouldn’t bet on it being 100% up to date but interesting anyhow.

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  1. I really wanna pre-order the CE, but I always cringe when I see $85 on my screen for a game – a game that isn’t even out yet. So, I still have yet to order it. >.>

  2. It is expensive for a game. Like I was saying, I’m ok with it and looking forwards to it, but I’m also glad they found a way to do it that didn’t stiff the people who couldn’t afford the CE or didn’t want one.

  3. Can’t wait to play it — the extra $30 are well-spent on just the head-start and extra character heads alone!

  4. It is a hell of a lot on a game, but I’m hoping the open beta will cheer people up about having spent it, and then the actual stuff that comes with it once it arrives.

  5. I wanted it for the extra character heads – the art books and figurines, to be honest, will probably end up at the bottom of my wardrobe or on ebay (if I can work out how to use it!).

  6. I caved. I just bought it. :p

  7. We’re really not on commission, by the way 🙂 Just wanted to write a few things about the collectors edition before it sells out.

  8. I know, be afraid – there’s another article about the CE tomorrow ;p

    But I think that’ll be the end to it until we get all the pretty bits.

  9. Been 5 days since play said 7-10 days for preorder codes. Does it make me sad that im counting down the days? ooh it might be longer if they meant 7-10 working days ^^

  10. Ha ha, I actually took my calendar out this morning to try and work it out for myself. Also told neighbours of a very important package I was expecting (amusing cos I’m also waiting for a new pair of glasses)

  11. Ok you win the sad award 😉 Been getting lots of stuff recently and ripping open the package to find non CE stuff is rubbish!

  12. Hurrah, I love awards 🙂

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