Answer me these questions three, ere the other side you see

Over the last few weeks it feels as though we have had a deluge of news from Mythic about Warhammer Online. There have been lots of articles on Massively and tentonhammer, we’ve seen stories and interviews in PC Gamer, the forums have been buzzing with reports from people who have seen the game demonstrated at Games Days (most recently Toronto), and of course the blogs have been analysing and responding!

So what’s left for them to tell us? Here’s a roundup of the main things we still don’t know about the game, so expect announcements on any of these topics to be met with the usual feeding frenzy!

[Feel free to add to the list in comments and we can try and keep it revised!]


  • When will they drop the NDA?
  • When is the guild beta?
  • When is the ‘open’ beta?
  • When is launch?


  • News on classes which haven’t been demonstrated yet at Games Days, particularly melee dps
  • Which classes will be single gender? White Lions? WIll they change their minds on Chaos Chosen?
  • (Syp) skill lists, full mastery trees


  • News on cities we haven’t seen yet
  • News on new zones
  • More information on PvE and dungeons/instances
  • How much is left to do?
  • (Syp) Living city ranks and rewards

Servers/Launch Info

  • What server types are planned for launch?
  • Server names (this will probably be as the pre-launch happens)
  • Will there be a pre-order scheme for the non-CE version?
  • How much will it be to play?
  • Will there be family accounts?


  • How well does large scale PvP actually play?
  • Will the game have Team Leads like DAoC (and will Europe have their own)?
  • Hardware requirements (what hardware will you need to run the game)?
  • (Syp) Guild ranks (and rewards)
  • (Syp) Renown ranks (and rewards)
  • (Malavar) Game lighting
  • (Unwise) Faction balance (specifics)
  • (CoS) More about the Tome of Knowledge
  • What happens when higher levels group with lower levels?

9 Responses

  1. Specifics on a lot of things… skill lists, full mastery trees, guild ranks (and rewards), living city ranks (and rewards), renown ranks (and rewards)…

  2. Game lighting. The word on this street is that their in-game lighting will be phenomenal and this will make the game look a thousand times better than it already is. In effect, it will look like an entirely different game from what we’ve seen in the screenshots and videos to date.

  3. I’m mainly looking forward to them announcing the dates for open beta and release, seeing new cities, new information on PvE, what kind of server types they will have, and what the hardware requirements will be.

  4. Faction balance. We know about the proposed realm caps, and they’ve hinted that there may be various buffs to prop up a regularly losing faction, but some specifics would be nice when they nail them down.

  5. At this point, I really don’t want to see much more. I want to be blown away when I actually play the game so I don’t want any spoilers.

    But I agree with Matt. Let’s get this thing done, grow a pair and announce the release date.

  6. To add to what Dave said, I think it would actually be BETTER for the development team if a release date were announced. Maybe it would push the developers into doing things quicker and coming up with new ideas.

  7. They stated that there will only be one ruleset at launch. Whether that exclude an RP server I don’t know, but the likely hood of an FFA server is pretty much zero.

    I’m thinking release info will be made available at E3, NDA lift info at the very least.

    I want to know more about the other four cities, or just the cities in general…and the Tome of Knowledge.

  8. I kinda feel release date is important obviously but want a lot of the other detail, class specifics, cities etc so I can feel comfortable that the release date is suitable.

    Don’t want a rush and the game being unpolished.

  9. Will there be any penalty for higher level characters grouping with lower level ones? Or any form of ‘apprenticeship’

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