How to pre-order the Collector’s Edition at HMV

Because are sold out, here’s a quick rundown of the HMV situation for those in the UK still wishing to pre-order a Collector’s Edition. Benefits of pre-ordering can be found here.

  1. Go to an HMV store and purchase the pre-order pack for £9.99 – it is a DVD case with all the codes in
  2. Get staff to take down your details to reserve you the CE when it comes out
  3. When CE comes out, go to HMV with receipt from pre-order, and buy CE
  4. HMV staff take the £9.99 off your CE final cost

That’s the theory. Not everyone has found it that easy to complete steps 1 and 2, but go speak to staff first, get them to look up the memo from Head Office and to take down your details. If you bought the pre-order pack but didn’t get your details taken down – it might be worth popping back into HMV with the receipt.

As IainC notes, HMV may put excess stock up on their website, but your guaranteed pre-order pack and CE will take precedence over any internet sales, so if you can get to an HMV then do so to make sure you don’t suffer any disappointment and/or ranting.

HMV do apparently have quite a few copies left on their shelves currently. I’ve heard that the store in Angel (London), has ‘loads’ (our roving reporters are about as exact as we are!), and I know spinks saw some too.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up. My nearest HMV is far away 😛

  2. There are also a bunch in the HMV on the Bond Street side of Oxford Street 🙂

  3. I’ve just confirmed they have stock in both Stockport and Manchester (Market Street) to.

    Cheers for the guide, very helpfull! 🙂


  4. Ah, crap. I pre-ordered mine while I was visiting a relative and only left a £5 deposit and I can’t exactly travel 150 miles just to go to that particular HMV again… wonder if I can use my receipt at my local?

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