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Massively notes that now has a teaser splash page, possibly in the run-up to the Blizzard Invitational event that’s coming up shortly. Speculation is that Blizz might announce beta and/or release date for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft.

Which got me thinking about release dates for Warhammer Online. There’s been plenty of speculation on forums that it’ll be 22nd-28th September. IGN’s recently updated page of US release dates has Warhammer Online’s release date as Sept 23rd. And these all seem quite feasible with what people are saying about gameplay and with the time left before launch. But, I also wouldn’t be too worried or surprised if it’s a bit later than that.

There’s a chance that Lich King, Warhammer Online, and Mines of Moria will be out around the same time. In the next month or two I imagine we’ll know the order of release. Some will fear it, others embrace it. One thing’s for sure though, it’ll stimulate quite a lot of forum traffic.

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  1. My money is on it not being for Warcraft at all. I’m wondering if it’ll be Diablo 3 ….

    But yeah, busy time coming up for gamers. And I’m not in any of those betas, dammit!!

  2. Massively also say it could be Diablo 3, and there’s a lot of talk today about Starcraft 2 being released on Dec 2nd (apparently some US retailers have all seemingly agreed on that date), but then I looked at the picture again and it seems a lot more relevant to Lich King than Diablo 3 – unless D3 is also based in frozen wastelands (I tried to think of it as outer space, and it still just looks like ice to me).

    Wouldn’t be surprised it it was any or all of the 3 announcements, but I do think they’ll all be mentioned at the Invitational next week, but that picture says Lich King to me.

  3. My guess has always been that WotLK will be out one week before WAR. I always thought that WotLK would be the first week of November and WAR would be the second week of November.

  4. Given the rumors that are leaking out of the WotLK alpha test, I’d be shocked if WotLK releases before early 2009. (Blizzard has never hesitated to delay Warcraft content updates for quality purposes and I can’t imagine that Lich King will be an exception). Additionally, if WotLK isn’t likely to release for six months, then there’s no way that Blizzard announces a firm release date (there’s too much risk of disappointing the fans).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next big Blizzard announcement is a Starcraft 2 release date. Starcraft 2 has been in development longer than Lich King, and has a reasonable chance of releasing this calendar year.

    In any case, I agree that it would be a disaster for Warhammer if they released within a month of Lich King. On the other hand, barring an unexpected delay, I don’t see this happening. There’s a chance that Warhammer ends up releasing close to Mines of Moria, but I don’t think that would be a serious problem. I wish LoTRo the best, and I really like some of the things they’ve done with the game, but it’s really not all that big. (I think there’s plenty of room in the market for Warhammer, even if all the ex-LoTRo get really excited by Moria and return to the game … the same cannot be said for Blizzard’s eight-ton gorilla).

  5. At first I thought it could be some kind of nebula so spacey for Starcraft but on closer inspection I would probably agree with those above that it is ice and therefore wotlk.

  6. I agree with Matt Graham and Lepinski. I have felt that a mid to late November release date is important for WAR. Traditionally, if you don’t release by the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., then you miss out on the crazed shoppers.

    I also agree that releasing within a month after WotLK comes out will be a disaster. WotLK will dominate the market. I have high hopes for a mid to late November release date. If not, wait unitl Q2 ’09 or wait for two months after WotLK comes out.

  7. Maybe I’ve got it completely wrong, but I was expecting Moria for Christmas (i.e. later than the others)

  8. Moria is due ‘in the fall’, which to us Europeans could mean anything in the later half of the year. My guess is November.

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