The appeal of level 1 PvP

I am intrigued at the idea of being able to level in Warhammer purely from PvP. I do also really look forwards to getting my PvE fix but still, the notion of having the option to level in PvP is strangely appealing.

If the game is at all alt-friendly, and I think it will be, I will definitely try an experimental PvP-only alt. I was musing over the appeal of low level PvP — running out of the starting areas as a level 1 something with no gold or gear to my name and just throwing myself at the nearest opposite faction character like a couple of cuddly tiger cubs playing at fighting.

And it is appealing because of exactly that. Playing at fighting. At low levels, most games give you a reduced complexity, you have fewer abilities to use, fewer choices of gear available, and it reduces your options. Also if you die, who cares? You were only low level, nothing much to lose. So apart from the sheer craziness of random pointless fighting there’s not a lot at stake. But it’s still a half-decent way to learn a few useful lessons about positioning, the lay of the land, when to fight and when to go find friends, and not panicking on seeing an enemy. Like most forms of play, you can use it to learn some useful lessons for later in the character’s ‘life’.

This is all fine at the start of the game, but later on, if it is possible to twink out low level characters or find ways to farm xp through PvP, then you can be sure that people will do it. And maybe, just maybe, the pure mindless fun of level 1 PvP will be gone forever.

I don’t know about you but I plan to get my fix in beta, when/if I get the chance.


11 Responses

  1. I agree. WTB [Beta] so I can see how all this stuff is gunna work.

  2. Definitely – the fact you can actually engage in meaningful PvP, PQs or what have you at very low levels will give starting and returning players more to do out of the gate. Which is a good thing!

  3. This is a very good point that never crossed my mind. How will they bridge the gap between the hardcore and non-PvPer in WAR? Ease them into it with simplified mechanics, i.e., less frustration.

    How hardcore can you be with a handful of skills at your disposal? The higher you go, the more complex it will get, allowing you to flex your PvP muscles in a more competitive environment. At level 1 though? Well, almost everyone will be equal.

  4. […] Spinks from Book of Grudges just noticed something that hadn’t really crossed my mind, but has been known since the early history of WAR’s development: the ability to participate in meaningful RvR as early as level 1. […]

  5. I’m actually pretty jazzed about doing this myself.

    If only to see just how viable such a playstyle is. You know, do nothing but RVR and scenarios and see how long and how well equipped you become.

    But then, I expect I’ll be too enthralled with the game on release to avoid all of the excellent PvE content, so beta might be the best time for such an experiment.

  6. Well, I don’t know. In WoW i’s fun with low level pvp, but it’s extremely unbalanced (even if you ignore the twinking). I don’t play the WAR beta so I don’t know how much balancing they do, or when classes come to their full potential, but I doubt they will all be balanced against each other from level 1.

  7. I think it’d be balanced enough to test tactics and have a laugh!

  8. Just imagine the ways it would change the more levels you gained. A class that you might easily take out at level 1 could easily be the class that takes you out at level 40.

    This is something I can’t wait to do in the game.

  9. Adam Gershowitz demonstrated it during an interview, went to rank 2 and renown rank 2 in about 30 minutes…

    this: “…and have a laugh!”

  10. I just like the fact that with any character you can dip in for an hr or so of scenarios and that will help your char level.

    So even if I just use an alt for just diving into the game for a bit of fun that alt would quickly level while I was enjoying the fun dive in apect of the game. Will make levelling alts a lot more fun especially of the same faction where you have experienced the opening zone in detail.

  11. […] of Grudges LURVES the idea of Level 1 PvP! The Greenskin has a quick response to it as […]

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