Not lynx, links!

IGN visits Troll Country during the EA3 event.

Awesome and quite deep article in Prospect Magazine debunking some of the perceptions about computer games and those that play them and focusing on the positive aspects of gaming, including playing MMOs.

Warhammer Gaming Scene, Tobold, Keen and Syp from Waaagh have all commented on Richard Bartle’s interview on Massively this week that has the  infamous line ‘I’ve already played Warhammer, it was called World of Warcraft’. Bartle stops by the Waaagh site to reply with some interesting further details. He also makes time to discuss the interview on Scott Jennings’ Broken Toys blog. He’s as passionate about these games as we are.

Ok, ok, so it’s not the model we’d have chosen, but WHA member Romanus has written a Grimgor Ironhide modelling guide which is being hosted over at The Greenskin. We’ll definitely be saving that somewhere safe.

Tentonhammer discuss what’s so special about the Warhammer setting in Loading … WAR Lore Galore. They also release their class portal, where all info about the various classes will be brought together and posted.

Flashy@WHA summarises information coming out of the recent Games Days with lots of class-based snippets.

Lead developer at Bioshock explains at GDC Paris why constantly messing up and pushing back dates can be crucial in making a great game. (It means the dev team are not too proud to admit that something isn’t working and needs to be changed.)

MMOGeek put up another parody, this time focusing on Warrior Priests.

Gamasutra reports on Rob Pardo’s Q&A at the Paris GDC where he commented: “When were first going to make World of Warcraft, we wanted to make it free and advertising supported”. He also emphasised that for there to be a good community for a game, the first stage was to make a really great game.

Meanwhile, introduces the first in a series of articles about the Warhammer Online career system, based on discussions with Adam Gershowitz. It’s just an overview and things we pretty much know, but we’re looking forward to the follow-up articles.


4 Responses

  1. From Flashy’s post:

    “Groups were 7v7, not 6v6 as anticipated”

    Does this mean what I think it does?

  2. We’ve been discussing this between ourselves a little… mainly cos we went back to the ‘group size’ discussion the other day.

    Have written a little blog post about it, but it can’;t go up till the morning, cos um.. we have a big one tonight 🙂

  3. Post now lol. My favourite blog so far. Feed my hunger for knowledge. They really need to release soon so I have more real info to eat up!

    Oh and I will be playing Sigmar’s name on a permanent loop with my warrior-priest

  4. That’s the way it should be. Hopefully things are going to be changing soon because we can’t take much more of this.

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