I usually try to use the same set of names through all my gaming, it makes things easier and it’s a good way of quickly identifying friends. And yet I find myself contemplating taking on a new name for Warhammer Online, depending on the race I choose. I have it in my head that there are no decent dwarf names amongst those I usually use. So if I do end up with a dwarf, I’ll need a new name. Which has got me thinking!

I’m also a little conflicted over identifying both myself and my guild on the blog. I’m sure as the open beta, early access and game launch I’ll be commenting quite a bit about what my friends and I are getting up to, how our guild is progressing, etc. But, I’m not sure when to out the information, or whether to out it at all!

Anyone have any strong thoughts/feelings about this? Will you be keeping your character name/guild private?


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  1. I personally plan on keeping a daily journal (yeah… I make that promise now…) and frequently posting videos of my adventures in WAR. I’ll out myself and my guild, not out of ego… actually, the opposite. I don’t think many people will actually care who I am. πŸ˜›

  2. Kind of like Snafzg, I will probably post my main’s name and server. At this time though, I don’t know what server, realm or career I am going to choose. And since I probably won’t be in the beta I have a lot of time to figure out where and who I am going to be. Unless, I pick up the CE and join the beta. . . tempting.

  3. I can’t decide. On one hand, I’d quite like to document what its like being in a new game and meeting new people and hopefully getting to know them, and writing about my character and guild and whatever,

    On the other hand, if I say who I’m playing, will people bug me in game if I say something here that they don’t like. (I don’t mean that I go out of my way to be bitchy but sometimes you might want to write about things that bug you and people might take it a bit personally).

  4. i will. I’ll spam you with gold requests!

  5. I can see what you mean to a point. I’m not totally for full disclosure or everyone who read my blog would know my A/S/L, job, etc.

    But to me, the game is a game. I have no problem taking flak for something I said on my blog because to me, the blog is an extension of the game. I wouldn’t go out of my way to name names of bothersome people from my server on my blog but I’m not out to coddle anyone either.

    If they have a problem with something I said, take it to comments. I guess it all comes down to your comfort with it all. There’s no right answer for everyone.

    Personally, I’m not afraid of a debate in game or out.

  6. I’m not afraid of debate, just of causing guild drama because I decided to let off some steam in a blog! But maybe I’m just over-thinking the whole thing πŸ™‚

    And in case they are reading, my current WoW guild is called The Ashen Rose Conspiracy and they’re awesome!!

  7. Most people that read World of Blogcraft, my WoW blog, know that my main character’s name is Punchline (and maybe even that my alts are Skaan and Gippen). So, I’m sure I’ll do the same on Bloghammer.

  8. Yeah… I don’t really care if people find me in game or not, it’s all good. the only thing to worry about is if you tick someone off on your blog, they can get revenge in game!

  9. Hah, yeah… instead of “bring it to the comments,” I should have said “bring it to the battlefield!” πŸ˜›

  10. I asked my proto-guild and I think even my basic response was.. I won’t be able to keep it a secret anyway, so I may as well come clean.

    I’ll see how I feel nearer the time, but I’m rarely worried about what I write, I do sometimes worry a little about being hassled in-game, but if it happens, it happens.

    It’s not actually that hard to locate me generally. I really am bad at keeping quiet.

  11. But, and what I meant to say, it’s really good to get some other views on it. Esp from Matt at World of Blogcraft who’s been through this with another game.

  12. […] Arbitrary is finding out how important a name is. I hope she find out what to name her inner Dwarf. Read Full Story […]

  13. Helga! Good strong dwarf female name. That is if you are going to be a female character.

    Think it would be good to know all my fave bloggers chars. Adds famous player characters to the game as well as the NPCs πŸ™‚

    Idrit maybe? Hmmm. I have to admit I always try and create a brand new name for every character I make but I guess thats because of my love of rp. I plan on a chaos char called Malakaiser and an empire one called Kaiser. They are dual aspects of the same personality and im trying to write a novel about it.

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