Fashion Police: the stupid hat club

It seems strangely appropriate that in the same week as Ladies Day at Ascot (as you’ll see from the link, it’s famous for people wearing stupid hats), we take a look at the latest in milinery for online games.

We don’t have many examples yet from Warhammer, but check out this dashing Knight of the Blazing Sun (known to his friends as ‘Fevvers’)

Here’s a couple from Warcraft:

Hat or Bucket, you decide

Swirly hat

Many of the fashion parade come to us from Lord of the Rings Online, a game which sets the bar for stupid hats at the moment:

How sweet, a leprechaun? No, just a hobbit in a stupid hat.

And thanks to The Silent Minority for modelling these fine specimens (it’s no big surprise that learning how to turn off the hat graphics is one of the first things players learn in LOTRO)

A bear hat

A double pointed hat

Santa Hat


2 Responses

  1. Wow, amazing. lol You know people will start making these hats even more irl now.

  2. I can’t wait till we get to the stupid pants club. Wonder if I still have some of my tauren screenies…

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