Diablo III

The story of the week is Blizzard’s announcement of Diablo III, and we’re both very excited. And it won’t be a MMORPG but instead, like the last one, a standalone game that can also be played with friends via a LAN or over battlenet.

Over at Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog, Keen geeks out over Diablo more eloquently than I could. I agree that we’ll hopefully see it for next Christmas, and probably not much before that.

We were discussing our memories of Diablo II in my WoW guild and one of my friends waxed nostalgic about playing D2 on her wedding day, in her wedding dress, as she waited for her parents and the rest of the bridal party to arrive.

Anyone have any good memories of Diablo? Has it really been 8 years already?

3 Responses

  1. While not directly related to Warhammer Online (see what happens when I go away ;p), I do remember that the year I was over in the US meeting my parents-in-law for the first time, was the year my husband presented me with the collector’s edition of D2!

    As for the original Diablo, I remember my flatmate in Cricklewood playing it in his bedroom in a santa hat and boxer shorts and him introducing me to the series in that way. I even have a blackmail photo of him somewhere like that.

  2. Diablo II was the first game I played extensively online and back in the day of penny a minute dial-up it was responsible for some truly horrific phone bills….

  3. I will tell you the things I did not like about D2. When you cleared an area the respawn made it so that you did not want to have to redo what you previously did. I remember that. I also remember killing godzilla, I mean diablo and thinking, that’s it? And if you died wouldn’t you loose loot from your stash?

    Meh, I like starcraft better. Not that I didn’t like D2, because I did. But I thought SC was better.

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