Players vote on designs

The Warhammer Herald asks players to go to Only-War, Warhammer Alliance or Warhammer Vault and choose between 3 mousemat designs, the winner of which will be available in shops when the game launches. Voting closes on 16th July (cue speculation about time to mass produce and send to retail stores in time for release).

The call is only on the US site currently, so this may well apply to US retail stores only. But whatever – they’re cool designs (and for the record, I like the Warrior Priest one best!)

edited to add: Looks as though everyone else likes the Warrior Priest too, it’s way in the lead on all three sites!


2 Responses

  1. Yeah, I like the warrior priest one too. The sorceress looks too much like the night elf hunter they use on the advertising for WoW and I don’t really like how they drew the white lion (I mean the actual lion).

    I understand that they want to support all the community sites, but I wonder how many people will vote on all of them đŸ™‚

  2. I was going to comment on that dark elf bird – it really did look like a WoW shot, but with a nicer design for the elf herself.

    I don’t think it’ll matter too much if people vote on all three since they say they’ll amalgamate the votes. And they may well release more than one anyway ;p

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