Reading (from) between the lines

First and foremost, say a big hello to Justin Webb, Senior Designer for WAR – who joins our blogroll today! There’s plenty of cool stuff to look through here, so go stop by and check it out.

Guild Wars 2 won’t be entering beta this year.

Check out the latest installment of the Podcast of Reckoning, with Josh Drescher as guest co-host

Massively posted an interesting introduction to MMO etiquette for new players which made us smile and is actuially also quite useful!

The BBFC responds to EA claims that a rating system would delay the release of games. Unsurprisingly, they call such claims rubbish (we’re summarising for you!)

HMV’s Head of Games claims that Games are the new Rock and Roll. There’s clearly a lot of politics going on here after all the stories we’ve had recently about the game industry in the UK not getting enough graduates, then the call for new ratings and the industry response of “Oh noes, the sky is falling!”, and now one of the big retailers weighing in. I wonder if they’re after pressuring for more government subsidies for the gaming industry in the UK.

TenTonHammer continues their series of articles on WAR with a look at a possible launch clash of the titans – Wrath of the Lich King vs Warhammer Online. It’s a topic close to all our hearts, though it’s seeming more likely that we’ll be playing Warhammer Online first *fingers crossed*. War Noob and Bloghammer are also discussing the potential clash at the moment.

The Warhammer Online Vault brings us some awesome dwarf wallpaper (I’m using it on my PC at the moment)

And finally, to celebrate the fact we’ve just had Canada Day, a fun little survey reported in Joystiq shows that one in five Canadian men have gamed in the nude.


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