When one set of links per week isn’t enough

Expert says EVE player council more professional than EU

Looks like we’re not the only people who booted up Diablo II again, it’s gone up in the sales charts this week

Syp@Waaagh runs down all the scenarios described in monthly newsletters so far.

Gamespot lists Warhammer Online at the top of their list of most anticipated games of 2008

I don’t really know what to make of this link but apparently lots of people are making their garden sheds look like the tardis from Doctor Who. Hurrah for fans!

1up previews Warhammer Online, specifically looking at public quests. It forms part of a series of links currently up on the Warhammer official site. Includes links to MMORPG’s look at the career system, and some more WAR vids up on Gamestrailers.

Chaoscast #3 is up and ready for listeners now! Meanwhile, the Podcast of Reckoning is now up to number 4, which includes a guest appearance by Josh Drescher.

TechRadar comments on the research done by WoW player James Wallis, who has used his time to calculate that Azeroth is the size of Newcastle. It has maths in it and yet it’s kind of amusing.

Massively take a look Warhammer’s transformation from tabletop to desktop – this time looking at the armies of Order.

Finally, go stop by Bloghammer Online and check out the cute little Youtube slideshow made to try and get into beta. It’s adorable. I think perhaps I now want a ‘My Little Greenskin’.


2 Responses

  1. Nice catch on the gamespot article. Gamespot says Sept. 23 release date. /fingers crossed.

  2. Ahaa – you can now have an exclusive to my at-work research. The Warhammer Online novel is released in Sept too šŸ™‚

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