NDA-dropping news!

Mark Jacobs stopped by the Vault boards to drop this nugget on us. Let the speculation begin!


The way beta is going right now, I’d expect the NDA to be lifted sooner, rather than later. happy I want to lift the NDA well before the OB. If the Guild Beta goes well, we’ll do just that. If it doesn’t, well, that’s why it’s called beta.

As to Open Beta, well, what can I say except it too is right on track as of now.

As always though, dates are still set in mud for a little while longer. If GB goes according to plan (which means we find a bunch of new things to fix but not lots and lots of bunches), the mud will start hardening. This game will be released when it is ready for prime-time and not before. We still have a while to go before the Fall…



17 Responses

  1. Good catch. Nice to have some reassurance, even if it is vague.

  2. That folks shows you right there that the spit and polish of game play and the over-all look is more important right now than getting millions of players and their money.

    I am sure they will get the latter after the first is perfected to the level they expect the game to be for us.

    Good article and catch ladies!

  3. My guess is that the NDA gets lifted around the beginning of August. I find it quite coincidental that Mark Jacobs comes out to announce that the NDA will be dropped soon just a few hours after Blizzard announced WotLK beta sign-ups. :p

  4. Awesome news! Sounds as though things are going well too.

  5. Arb, nice find. I have an question/idea for a future blog. Is Mythic the second company to release two MMO’s? SOE released EQ1 and 2, but is there another? Why wasn’t SOE more successful with EQ2 considering they had MMO experience?

  6. This definitely sounds pretty upbeat and positive — hope the guild beta goes well!

  7. Not being able to talk about beta, I feel like I can’t breathe. Make it stop! The sooner they lift it the better for health reasons:P I thought they said once that their definition of open beta was the lifting of the nda from closed beta.

  8. @Ruur I believe open beta is just when they let in the CE people, I also thought it was tied to the lifting of the NDA but I guess they’re separate events

    @Aikau Turbine have had two as well, right? Can’t be many companies to have done it though!

  9. Tis good. Tis very good.

  10. @Aikau Also funcom

  11. Chrono Chaos: find me!

  12. Awesome news. @ werit my scaryboosters will help blast you to the future to help the dwarves rule!

  13. @Werit TAG!

    Chrono Chaos: find me!

  14. This is good news indeed.

    @Aikau, not really, Funcom has released 2 MMO’s, Turbine has released 4 MMO’s and NCsoft also released quite a few MMO’s.

  15. wow, ncsoft has 4 i think, as well. i think ncsoft and turbine go for quantity instead of quality. Don’t defend Lineage 2!

    I wouldn’t consider any of those MMOs AAA except funcom and SOE. I think it’s being generous to call aoc AAA

  16. @Aikau

    LotRO is as well produced and polished as any MMO out there, albeit it took a year of content additions to get to the state it should have ideally been in at launch.

    They are launching in Korea, China and Russia in the next 6 months, so it’s going to be difficult to argue that it isn’t one of the most successful MMOs out there.

    Also, I’ll be very interested to see where AoC is in a year’s time. I know more people that have stopped playing it after month 1 than are still playing it, and I wonder how the numbers will look after WAR and WotLK land.

  17. That sounds very very good. I think GB starts this week if my mate was correct, so here’s hoping it goes well.

    I’m eager to get into the OB and start testing out classes before launch.

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