Playing on different language servers

IainC confirms that it will be possible to play any EU server with any EU client. That sounds obvious until you realise that we are possibly talking about different languages. So people buying the french or german clients will be able to play on the english servers which tend to be more international in feel. Also a good chance to practice language skills.

Or in other words, we’ll be able to invade the french servers and vice versa (I remember this happening a few times in DaoC).

If you have the option of playing a server in your own language, would you pick the english one? And if so, why? (We’ll be talking to our guildies about this to get some more feedback because we both have friends who made that choice.)

2 Responses

  1. I am seriously thinking about pottering around on the Italian servers. I wouldn’t expect my main to be there but just to see what the community is like really..

  2. I’ve always thought that they should do localization on a per-realm basis instead of a per-server basis. Why not make a server where Order is English-language and Destruction is French-language (and vice-versa)

    Note: I understand there are technical hurdles to making this happen, and it’s surely not worth the development time that it would take to make it work … nonetheless, I think it would be cool!

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