End of a play.com saga

In latest news, the collectors edition pre-order codes arrived at my place this morning. I hope everyone else who was waiting got theirs too! (To be fair to play.com, I wasn’t overly worried about it all. They’ve usually been fine for me and I’m quite happy ordering from them.)

Now, when was this beta going to start again?


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  1. Ok now I will be massively upset if I get home and mine aren’t here yet 😦

    Worst case scenario no CE and no guild beta *sniff*

  2. @Malakaiser

    Just be patient. If it hasn’t arrived in the next couple of days, get on the phone to them.

    Also, CE pre-order only gives you access to open beta, not guild beta, alas.

  3. Patientence!! What’s that? I have been waiting long enough. Realistically I would be happy if it turned up on the day open beta went live.

    I should be in guild beta but not counting my chickens till I see an official invite.

  4. I think our postman is actually now scared of me.

  5. Mine hasn’t arrived yet…

  6. It’s ok cb, I heard from someone else that theirs hadn’t either. Might be slow mail, but otherwise call Play sometime.

  7. Mine hasn’t arrived yet either, unless my brother ‘intercepted’ it…

  8. Same as above. The waiting must continue but I have every faith it will be here soon 🙂

  9. arrived today 🙂

  10. Nice one cb, mine too. Now just have to hope Malakaiser got his too and we have a clean sweep.

  11. Touch wood. Did it just go through the mail box or was it a box? Bit worried they will have left it with my dozy neighbours if that was the case.

  12. It was just normal envelope size, more or less. A slimline DVD case so it should go through a mail box.

    Still not got it? Might be worth giving them a ring.

  13. Still haven’t received mine…

  14. Oh no! Can you bother play.com? I know mine went to Spinks’ so might yours have gone to your billing address instead of shipping one?

  15. Hmm, that is a very good point. It gets kind of confusing when my billing, shipping, and actual address are all different, and my actual address is in a different country…

  16. Yeah, heh, I know. I’ve heard from a couple of people though that it’s gone to the billing address. Fingers crossed cos I don’t think I want to be leader-less ;p

  17. The saga continues. Mine was sent to my billing address, which is different from the postal address I specified.

    No-one was in when it arrived so it is being held at the postal office. I am in another country, so my friend is going to pick it up for me on Friday… *crosses fingers*

  18. Aieee, fingers crossed. But at least we know it’s somewhere!

  19. Well my billing address is at my parents house as I have moved around a lot recently my cards are registered there.

    They are coming to visit this wqeekend so touch wood.

  20. Oh good luck to both of you. Hope we can celebrate the end of this thread on saturday!

  21. The end of the ‘End of a play.com saga’ thread saga?

  22. I was going to suggest “The Revenge of play.com” but then I thought, ‘Nah, leave that till they send out the actual collectors editions’ 🙂

  23. I have my codes!

    Can’t wait to try out the Knight of the Blaz… oh wait…

  24. Doh! You have to laugh though.

    Glad you got your codes.

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