MJ comments (Capital Cities)

Good job I can refresh the screen while eating supper. Here’s the thread on capital cities.

In the end, I’m not sorry at all that we are delaying the release of the other cities. Even if we had an unlimited budget and unlimited time and believed that we could do 6 awesome cities at launch, we know that starting with two capital cities is the best way to ensure a great experience for the players no matter whether their focus is on PvE, RvR or a combination of both.

He is also quite specifically not promising that the other cities will be in later, saying only that they’ll look at the possibility of rotating cities in and out of RvR.


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  1. we know that starting with two capital cities is the best way to ensure a great experience for the players no matter whether their focus is on PvE, RvR or a combination of both.

    I don’t know if I buy this at all. I was coming into this with a hard-core RP attitude, and a great excitement over the IP and the story of the Orc vs Dwarf war. Which now will culminate in… the sacking of Altdorf. WTF? My hub is a Chaos city thousands of miles from the supposed central conflict for my race? I was excited about an Orc conflict, FOR Orcs, BY Orcs. I want nothing to do whatsoever with Chaos, as a faction or as a storyline.

    But that’s all irrelevant since I can’t actually play an Orc. I can play a Black Orc, which is a different race, and I can play a Goblin, which is a different race, but Orcs? Sorry. They’ve been cut. Yeah, and Greenskins don’t have a DPS class anymore. Guess I should learn to enjoy being forced to work with Chaos or Dark Elves.

    These changes are not enhancing in any way my play experience. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

  2. I’ve just been talking to some of my friends about the same thing and you are definitely not alone in your feelings about this.

    Personally, I’m still reeling from it a little.

  3. I buy it. It would never be FOR Orcs, BY Orcs. You would have Chosen and Elves fighting on fronts and Orcs on theirs. The only real progress would be made when all 3 factions (realm) work together, which is what will be happening here.

    Also, if they rotate capital cities, it works into RP just fine. The first ‘campaign’ is against the empire.

  4. Werit, that wasn’t the game they sold me.

  5. You bought it already?

  6. Don’t be obtuse, Werit. They’ve been selling this game, and hard, for the last 2.5 years.

  7. Heh, I wasn’t actually. Some people probably paid in full ahead of time for the game, was not sure if that was the case. Pre-orders can get strange.

    I have not given them anything, so they are free to change what they want. I just don’t think those changes are the end-all be-all of the game.

  8. Part of it is a feeling of trust. The tone has been, all along, “Here’s an EXAMPLE of all the cool content you’ll be getting, and how exciting it’ll be to either play in your own race’s storyline and participate in the climax, and THEN, you can ALSO participate in the other armies’, too!” And what we’re getting is, “Yeah, that’s actually all we ever had, and, well, you’ll be able to play in your race’s storyline, but if you want an actual ENDGAME, you’ve gotta participate in this faction’s story, which half of you probably don’t give a crap about.”

    There’s a very distinct feeling of “bait and switch” on this side of the keyboard.

  9. You are right, but it works for good and bad. Originally, they had very little Open World RvR and it was mostly instanced battlegrounds. I am very relieved they changed the way they were doing this to the RvR we have now. Were there some who liked the first system? maybe, but overall I feel the new system is better for the game.

  10. Cappadocious, the entire thing with six different armies marching on each other’s capital and all the story has not changed, they are just not putting it into the game at launch. They never said they wouldn’t do it, they will just have to patch it in later.

    Overall, the three different battlefronts will still be there, there just wont be a climatic capital battle for two of them… yet. Dark elves will still fight high elves, dwarves will still fight orcs, and empire will still fight chaos. I bet you can fight your race’s arch-enemies constantly and switch over to empire/chaos battlefront when it’s getting ready for the final push. And all your arch-enemies will be there, it will just not be in their architecture.. yet.

  11. Wow? Rotating capital cities? Give me a break. This is a perfect example of publishers breaking the fourth wall with their player-base.

    “Uh, sorry guys… we couldn’t get all the cities in and we don’t think you could handle all six anyway, so we’re going to use some BS mechanics completely outside the game and outside of your control to bend things our way.”

    This is so completely immersion-breaking, I can’t even believe it. Reminiscent of guild raiding schedules in AoC. How is it that just now they are thinking their servers won’t be able to support 6 capitol cities when all along we haven’t heard a peep about it?

  12. I’m concerned that removing cities removes content I would have enjoyed playing through, and that races won’t feel as invested in supporting Altdorf and the Inevitable City. Maybe they will a few months in, when the RvR ‘sides’ are formed, but when they start off in their own areas, it’s a bit weird.

    I think rotating them in is, as Snafzg implies, a little strange too. If they’re good to go in, put them in and deal with it if one is under-used… surely that was part of the design from the start?

    I think I’ll have plenty to do on release, so I’m less worried about this right now, but if I quickly cap and get bored, I’ll be searching for those other cities.

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