MJ comments (Careers)

Ok, the one we’ve been waiting for, MJ on Careers over at the Vault:

Losing some of the 4 careers does not feel great. I wish I could sit here and tell you that we were close to getting them right, that everything was going well with those careers but it wasn’t. The feedback we were getting from our beta testers on the Hammerer was not good and while the feedback on the Choppa was better, it wasn’t great. These weren’t classes that were introduced at the last minute and the Dwarf-Greenskin pairing had been through multiple iterations. What we saw after all our analysis, and that includes player feedback on the boards, player surveys and our metrics tools was that these classes weren’t cutting it. When it came to the Blackguard, well, we weren’t excited about how they were coming along either….

Not sure how long it’s been since these 4 classes were last in beta, and what happens when the mirror for the KotBS is in-game, but the knight hasn’t made it. Anyway, head on over and see what you think.


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  1. Good catch on these… I would have never looked there.

    Cutting classes sucks, but what can you do? I’m glad he at least gave us some straight talk on why.

  2. I still haven’t seen the issue of mirrors addressed.

    The Blackguard was meant to use the same rage/grudge mechanic as the Iron Breaker, and the KotBS was meant to use the twisting mechanic of the Chosen.

    We’ve been given the impression that the reason those classes were cut is because they couldn’t make them fun and effective. Surely even straight mirrors with renamed abilities would be more preferable than what we’re getting?

    This is the main area where Mark Jacobs seems to have misled the community yesterday. Mythic, tell us the real reason that these classes were axed!

  3. Unwise, they did say at one point that they wanted the classes to be “iconic, so copying the mechanics of another class probably wouldn’t satisfy them.

    If you played WoW, think about Molten Core and compare it to Naxxramas. Molten Core was released at launch and is basically just rocks in some lava. Naxxramas was release a year and a half after launch and was this ultra-cool crypt. Think about how great these classes will be (or their replacements) if Mythic has some time to devote to them later on.

  4. @boatorious

    The majority of the classes are apparently almost exact mirrors of each other with regards to their mechanic and abilities, with a few minor changes:

    Shaman – Archmage
    Disciple – Warrior Priest
    Black Orc – Swordmaster
    Zealot – Rune Priest
    Sorcerer – Bright Wizard
    Magus – Engineer
    Witch Elf – Witch Hunter

  5. Just to fill in the gaps:

    Squig Herder – White Lion (range vs. melee pet class)
    Marauder – Shadow Warrior (melee vs. range stance class)

    Chosen – KotBS (RIP)
    Blackguard (RIP) – Ironbreaker
    Choppa (RIP) – Hammerer (RIP)

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