Name change!

So, there’s an interview over at with Mark Jacobs where he makes four announcements. As a teaser, they’ve released the first announcement – EA Mythic is going back to its old name – Mythic Entertainment.

“We are going back to Mythic Entertainment,” said Mark Jacobs, the VP and General Manager of EA Mythic. “I’ve always been a believer of separate branding,” he continued, going on to cite a number of successful companies like Disney and GE that operate subsidiary companies under separate and distinct brands.

“I think that this is a wonderful example of how things at EA are changing,” he continued, “both John (Riccitiello, CEO of EA) and Frank (Gibeau, EA) have spoken multiple times about city states, more freedom, that sort of thing and I think this is an obvious example.” 

Before we all get too excited about the remaining announcements, the comments thread over at the original article includes the following quotation from the Managing Editor of the site:

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I also don’t want you to get your hopes up. No, it has nothing to do with beta, or any other date for that matter.  

And then from Mark Jacobs himself (p5 of the thread), over at the Warhammer Alliance forums:

1) We are not, repeat not, going to announce a delay tomorrow. The game is not going to be shut down, Paul has not gone screaming into the woods, Jeff hasn’t found another job and a well-known politician is not talking about cutting off part of my anatomy. In the words of one of my favorite authors, who I wish was still among us, “DON’T PANIC”.

2) The announcements are not mundane.

3) The announcements will be worth reading, they are wide-ranging and frankly, some of the stuff I talk about is central to the game.

4) The name change is a wonderful thing but it wasn’t done to distance ourselves from the EA name but rather to re-establish the separate brand identity for ourselves and for the other studios within EA. This is a long-standing wish of mine and I am thrilled that it has happened. Having separate brands for EA is a win-win scenario and we are not the first EA studio to have a name change/modification.


6 Responses

  1. I find it hard to get excited about minor name changes but clearly there’s a bigger issue here to do with internal company politics.

    Addressing the different companies as ‘city states’ implies that they’re going to be getting more autonomy. That SHOULD be a good thing, down the individual management though. Anyway, we wish them luck with it and I always used to forget to call them EA Mythic anyway.

    City States also makes me think of machiavelli…

  2. I’m thinking this is just a rebranding has probably came about from a little corporate restructuring, which probably won’t make a great deal of difference to anyone except the accountants.

    I always thought it was a bit strange that Bioware didn’t become EA Bioware, so I guess this just irons out that little bit of dissonance.

  3. I wonder if they will announce the name of the first expansion? Or maybe Chrono Chaos is the #1 guild in the world!

  4. For one, EA has to know they have a stigma attached to them, so keeping their name out of the more successful studios can’t hurt.

  5. Yeah, I wonder what they’ll be announcing. I’m thinking something to do with dates, but Mark said on tentonhammer that it wasn’t that.

    The press conference is at 2pm west coast time so expect to hear sometime in that hour.

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