The Morning After

Well, I don’t know about you but my head is still reeling. I got home after a day of small and petty annoyances, and read the big Mythic announcements and then had the (dis)pleasure of telling people about them over Teamspeak. One of these people being the person who originally got me interested in Warhammer Online – who had his heart set on a Hammerer.

And we talked about it for hours, while trawling forums and expressing differing levels of disbelief, disappointment and (from some) disgust. And like Syp I feel it’s better left a few days to mull before making any really comments about it.

Of course, I’ll still be playing the game, and I’ll make my reactions then. I agree with those who commented that if they’re making these cuts to better the game, then I expect a pretty bloody good release. I sympathise with those who did have their hearts set on the cut classes – you may not have been many on polls, but we’ll never know how much that was because no-one knew much about these classes compared to the others.

On a very personal level I may have lost someone I planned on playing with, one of my favoured classes may now have to tank a bit as well as heal, and I’m feeling a little numb over how to actually react to the news.

But I am hoping it all turns out well.


2 Responses

  1. Aw 😦 sorry, Arb

  2. It’s ok, no-one I’m talking to this morning seems to agree with me at all.

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