Interview with MBJ – and FAQ on the Mythic site

Mythic have an FAQ about the new changes up on the main site.

Tentonhammer also has a two part interview with Mark Jacobs, here’s a link to the first part on the effects of going live with two capital cities.

Here he’s discussing the advantages of focussing RvR on one city per side. And perhaps letting slip that there will be more RvR focussed servers and more PvE (or at least less PvP) ones.

So if we had a server, which had a higher number of people who really don’t like RvR, and just want to play for the PvE. Maybe they occasionally RvR, with three cities, with a more distracted player base, I think the city sieges would be happening less often than we had hoped. Now, even on those servers where you don’t have as much of an RvR base, you will still be able to work together to take one city. I honestly do believe this is the right decision, even if we had three more years to work on it.

He adds, on the timescales:

Let’s say no one cared when this game came out. I don’t know if I would have changed this decision. I cannot say that about the classes, but I can say it about this. Even if we had an unlimited amount of time, I think having the player base focused on one city at a time for capture is a really, really good thing.

Sounds to me from this as though the class cutting was based on looming deadlines. We’ll see what tomorrow’s interview segment about classes brings!

(I do believe that I am getting quite hyped out with all these interview and comments spread across loads of different sites.)

3 Responses

  1. givf classes interview

  2. Focusing on one city is SUCH a great idea that they pushed and pushed the whole “three cities! It’ll be awesome!” right up until the open beta and this announcement. I’m somehow not convinced.

  3. nice catch btw, I was asleep ;p

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