Realm War link open on Warhammer site

I had wondered what that spare button on the warhammer site was for, now all is revealed. I like how they used the same font that GW use in the intros of the Black Library books.

Looks as though it’s going to include realm information on who holds what, and something similar to the WoW armoury.


5 Responses

  1. Didn’t DAoC have something like that too, on a basic level?

  2. I had a prediction in one of my articals (story) that said that might be one of the next announcements along with NDA drop. But that was just random guessing. It happened so soon after I posted it tho. 2 days! I am a WAR prophet.

  3. it’s a nice touch but I think working on getting the classes back in might have been time better spent 😉

  4. to torvik,

    balancing the classes would take so much more time than creating a program that collects server data, which is what things like “realm war” and “armory” are. time isn’t really a part of it at all either, something like this is expected in an mmo these days.

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