EU Guild Beta begins & E3 trailer

Just in case you haven’t read this elsewhere, the EU guild beta has begun, with the mass of invitations being sent out last night and today.

(plus another friend of mine got a beta invite, so I’m wallowing!)

Also, go see the E3 trailer here. Very pretty! And check out Mark Jacob’s video interview with Gamespot. Featuring footage from the current guild beta phase.


9 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to rub it in but there is a beta and I am in it 😀

  2. ouch, but congrats!

  3. Thanks 🙂 I’m sure you will get to play the game soon and the freshness of it will make it all the better 🙂

  4. Go find lots of bugs 🙂

  5. hehe. I think you have mentioned you are guilded already. Check this out!!

  6. That was a good trailer… I like the slow build up to the action.

  7. A friend of mine just texted me and told me she got in the beta. To top off the great news, I was writing a huge, wonderful, best ever, and epic post for my blog and my phone shut off. I lost the post before I could save it. Goodtimes!

  8. @Malakaiser – my guild has, in fact, posted on the FH thread now 🙂 But, we’ll see!

  9. Good find on the gamespot interview. I liked what I saw there and I like the description of the public quests.

    I was a little disappointed by the E3 trailer. It seemed a little choppy, a little unpolished and the music was a unimpressive. But it was a low res vid. Fingers still crossed, however.

    Love the BoG! 😉

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