Physician heal thyself..

I’m not even going to start to link to all the various posts around the place about deciding on a class. It’s between two classes for me so I’ve been taking a look at how I prefer to play. I’ve come out of it unsatisfied because I think I might prefer different styles of gameplay in PvE to PvP. And that’s played holy hell with my class decisions.

When I was first being told about Warhammer Online some of the lure was the idea of the Warrior Priest, a melee/healer hybrid. In DAoC I had many alts but it was the friar that I loved best. In World of Warcraft I had a series of 5 druids from runnning from the alpha test through to one Horde and one Alliance in live, although not all at the same time. In Lord of the Rings Online, my main character is a Captain. So my mains have all been melee/healer hybrids. What’s the dilemma you say? It should be bloody obvious what I’ll play in Warhammer Online, right? Of course right!

But things are rarely that simple.

When I played a friar, I was often swamped in RvR, I didn’t quite ‘get’ PvP in those days and I tended to stand back and heal more than I hit stuff. All my druids (except right at the very end of my playing of WoW) were Restoration and stood at the back and healed. My captain… stands at the back and heals. Except in small groups or soloing/duoing, I’ve mostly preferred the healing to the melee.

And every time I think about the Warrior Priest and how much I love the sound of them, I’m back to that niggling little voice in my head (I think it’s a dwarf) saying ‘Warrior Priests can’t just stand at the back and heal, they need to be in melee’. In PvMP (ie. Monster Play) on LotRO I gave up my warg because I wasn’t enjoying melee in PvMP and switched to a weaver where I could, if I wanted, stand at the back and.. spit poison (it’s like healing, honest!). Maybe melee and me don’t go well in PvP.

Obviously, I’ll be testing both classes out in the open beta, and testing an Archmage also perhaps, although I don’t really like casters.

But what do you do if you recognise you prefer one type of gameplay in PvE and another in PvP? I’m hoping it’s not just me that has this problem, but I fully realise it might be!

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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m trying to think through the things I might want to do in the game and what kind of characters might be fun, and I still don’t really know. I’ve never been fond of melee in PvP either.

  2. I had, well still have, a paladin throughout world of warcraft. I like to damage and heal so played as a shockadin.

    My biggest problem was getting into melee range against the myriad of caster tricks and I am worried I may face this problem again too.

    It does sound like you prefer pure healing mechanics and since you have mentioned your dwarf love the rune priest might really appeal from what I have read about them.

  3. Rune Priests are the way to go for you most likely. Since each mastery path just determines the type of spell casting you will do. I’m looking forward to the HoT’s and DoT’s mastery path for RvR.

    “The Rune Priest and the Zealot

    * The Rune Priest is another class that’s evolved a lot since early beta. The class was originally “crazy complex”.
    * The class’s main ability is the Oath Rune: it’s an hour-long buff that also grants the other player a temporary ability. You can have up to five of them out at a time within your party. Good for giving out abilities that classes are weak on (PBAoEs for tanks, healing, etc.). Another Rune allows for self rezzing, but the priest can only have one of those out at a time.
    * Zealots use a similar system called ‘Marks of Chaos’.
    * Both classes are ‘flex healers’. The three mastery paths include offensive and defensive elements all within each line. What you’re choosing along the paths are what kind of spells you’ll be specializing in. One offers many bonuses to direct debuffs, direct damage, direct heals. one path offers Damage over Time, Heal over time abilities. The final path focuses on AoE attacks and heals.
    * These are the classes that are for folks who want to play ‘pure priests’.”

  4. psst: Resto druids = healers = casters. @_@ You have been a caster this *whole time*. Paladins = melee/healers = melee/casters. When you heal you “cast”.

    just sayin.

    Just think of it as a resto druid with sweet threads and multi-colored “poison” he can throw around.

  5. And again, isn’t it so hard to know until you get your hands on the game and test drive the class yourself? The best-laid plans of mice and men…

  6. yep, I totally need to get my hands on them and try them out, maybe even the archmage too ;p

  7. I think you’re really going to enjoy the rune priest and the archmage.

    I had the same problem with the warrior priest you describe with your DAOC friar. You still have to accumulate attack points with the Archmage and the rune priest, but I found it easier with the casters than I did with the WP in melee.

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  10. Nice post. Any ideas where one could find a complete tree of all the RunePriest’s spells, skills, and abilities?

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