Beta guild advantages

I enjoyed reading the new guild highlights page. But I wonder if live servers will be dominated by big organised beta guilds who’ve had months playing together to learn the game before we get to see it. As noobs, especially casual type noobs, how can we compete with that? The guild beta just compounds this. There are going to be hundreds of experienced guilds when the game goes live. They will roll us right from day 1.

It’s a kneejerk reaction, and may not be that bad. Warhammer has lots of mechanics to encourage hardcore and casual players to play together. The public quests and the open-world RvR emphasis won’t stop people being elitist but it will give them options. There are encouragements for guilds to recruit. Maybe experienced guilds will be evenly based over factions and servers. And after a few months, we all learn to play and organise ourselves and things should even out.

But at the end of the day it depends on players. For sure I’d rather play a game that was well tested, but the price of that is that some people get a competitive advantage. Anyone else feel a bit uneasy about it?


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  1. I think some of their “upcoming beta invites” might help in some of this. As it is guild beta and they are looking to get a majority in to form guilds, organize raids on cities and such, I would think a larger player base is really going to be needed to test out the 24/7 dynamic.
    Plus you have open beta which will give most of us an opportunity to play and get familiar with the game some.
    I have to agree though, some beta guilds that really know their stuff have been logging all kinds of information so they can get in on live, and run straight to the top before everyone else.

  2. It doesn’t bother me that much, because there is really only so much that you can learn about a game. Sure, the people that have been in beta for months will likely have an advantage for a little while, but it won’t be long before everyone else is able to reach some level of parity.

    As an aside, has anyone noticed that every one of the vast multitudes of self-confessed hardcore guilds popping up seem to believe, beyond and doubt, that they will be absolutely supreme in RvR. You can’t all be #1 guys, although I guess you can’t fault ambition.

  3. I dunno how it worked in DAoC as I never had the pleasure of experiencing it, but where I come from those big uber guilds are often loaded with drama. (The ones that aren’t are the ones that will “dominate” RvR.) The drama-loaded ones will collapse (and reform) under their own weight enough times that some of us could get carried into the mix (for better or worse).

    That said, this game’s RvR stuff is going to be *huge*. The uber guilds with all the experience will do very well to work with, corral, and teach those of us who will join in Open Beta or later…because when push comes to shove, no guild is going to be able to stand on its own. Numbers are going to mean a *lot*.

    I’m looking forward to the community formations and the way things work in WAR. I have high hopes.

  4. Sadly, the whole game’s about competition and unless you’ve got the time, manpower, and dedication to be one of the elite… get used to getting stomped on.

    I already am. 🙂

  5. I just want to enjoy every part of the game and if that means being last so be it. No matter what there are guilds that get sponsered to play these games and even if they are not in guild beta, they are going to roll over us. So I am not worried

  6. Couple thoughts…

    First, you’re correct about this affecting scenario RvR. Experience working together is going to help guilds who join scenarios as whole groups. However, you usually only run scenarios in a zone until you get enough honor to max faction, and then you move on. The guilds who race to the top are only going to encounter other guilds doing the same thing, leaving the lower level scenarios to more casual players.

    Second, the advantages in scenarios will be evened out somewhat in open field RvR. By its very nature, open-field RvR is usually uneven, and it is the response of your realm that will affect your success there, more than finding a “fair fight”.

    I’m not goin to worry too much about head

  7. doh, sorry typing this on my phone.

    Not going to worry about headstarts. If you have a good community in your own realm, you’ll find ways to counter it, or work through it.

  8. Firstly I think this will be balanced by experience on both sides.

    Secondly in reality the the number of guilds in the beta (even if there are tens of thousands of people invited) will be totally dwarfed by the number of players that actually play the game.

    Must be noted that I am sure there will be uber hardcore guilds that will dominate that aren’t even in the beta. That level of commitment always usually pays off.

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